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Together against back pain

Find guidance for a life with better back health:
With the expertise of professional associations and
ergonomic knowledge from 25 years of association work.

Healthy sitting is a question of attitude

We all spend a large part of our daily lives sitting down. Regardless of whether we work in an office or not, after the end of our working day we sit at the kitchen table, in a reclining chair and on the couch. There are also many other reasons and occasions where we can and want to sit and be relaxed. Most of us know meanwhile that it is not healthy to sit still for long periods. The sitting furniture we use everyday should therefore give us a chance to sit ergonomically with the greatest possible variety to avoid one-sided strains that cause pain in the back and also elsewhere.

Our backs are exposed to extreme loads in many jobs. Incorrect posture or constant bending, carrying or lifting will result sooner or later in painful disorders. In addition to functional training and health welfare, there is also an increasing focus on a more ergonomic design for workplaces that pose a health hazard. In many areas, well-conceived technical measures already reduce the burdens placed on the human body.