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Ergonomic holiday equipment

It all began at the end of the 1950s. Germany was in the middle of its economic miracle and at long last, large sections of the population could afford to go on holiday. Camping holidays were particularly popular. That's something that still applies today. Around four million Germans take their caravan, mobile home or tent on holiday. Here in Germany alone, they have a choice of more than 3,500 camping sites. Altogether, German campers invest nearly ten billion Euro in travel costs, site fees and above all, in equipment. One key utensil: camping chairs.

These usually folding seats are used for many things: at every meal, for a cosy chat or simply to relax and enjoy the day. This can easily add up to several hours each day. And so it is important that camping chairs should have an ergonomic, back-friendly design.

Back-friendly in every sitting and lying position

Compared to the rickety items provided in the past, today industry offers top quality products. They support a back-friendly posture in various inclined sitting and lying positions. It is important for the chair to be suitable for different uses. However, individual adjustment is not always possible, so that the chair should have the widest possible range of ergonomic properties.

One of the requirements naturally also includes product safety, which has to be monitored constantly by the manufacturer. This is the only way to warrant that even heavy persons (heed the maximum weight) can use all sitting and lying positions without any danger.

Ideally, a foot rest or stool should be available for clearly improved relief for the back when sitting; this also facilitates venous reflux from the legs.


  • The seat height should be between approx. 42 and 47 cm, seat depth between approx. 43 and 48 cm, and the seat width at least 43 cm.
  • The sitting surface should be designed so that the user does not "slide out of the chair" when leaning back.
  • The back rest should have an adequate height of at least 68 cm.
  • It is important to have an easily handled, effective and adjustable lumbar lordosis support in a range of about 12 to 18 cm, measured from the sitting surface with no-one on it. This is the only way to offer comfortable support in the different body positions.
  • There should also be a neck support with individual vertical adjustment.
  • It must be safe and easy to adjust the back rest, and different sitting and lying positions should be possible. It should be possible to tilt the chair by at least 50° or even better 60° backwards from the upright sitting position (90°).
  • The padding for the seat and backrest must be permeable.
  • The arm rests should be at least 4 cm wide.
  • It must be safe and easy to fold and unfold the chair.
  • The chair should not weigh more than 6 kg.

Minimum requirements

  • Warranted product safety
  • Medium dimensions (recommended: seat height between approx. 42 and 47 cm, seat depth between approx. 43 and 48 cm, seat width at least 43 cm)
  • The seat material prevents "sliding out of the chair"
  • Adequate back rest height (at least 68 cm)
  • 4-way lumbar support
  • Head rest adjustable in height
  • Easy, safe adjustment of the back rest over a large range
  • Breathable material for the seat and rests
  • Wide arm rests (at least 4 cm)
  • Easy unfolding and collapsing
  • Lightweight (no more than approx. 6 kg)

Also appropriate

  • Stool or foot rest

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Ergonomic camping chairs

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