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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Screwdrivers, electrical

A screwdriver that helps driving screws

Screwdrivers are amongst the most frequently used tools overall. Professionals, for example electricians use them all the time, but also hobby DIYers can hardly get by without them. Anyone working with screwdrivers a lot is, however, more susceptible for developing pain in the wrists, arms or the shoulder area. Absent times due to these complaints are common. Ergonomic screwdrivers can help to prevent complaints from developing.

Monotonous rotation movements lead to pain

Epicondylitis radialis humeri is the term used by medical professionals for irritated tendon insertions of the extensor muscles of the wrist joint – more well-known as tennis elbow. In most cases the cause is an overburdening of the lower arm muscles. The tendons of the extensor muscles are attached to a quite small bone appendage on the outer side of the elbow. When using a screwdriver the whole force is exclusively transferred to this small bone appendage. And with continuous repetition this can lead to an inflammation of the tendons.

In addition to this, craftsmen often need to adopt awkward positions to be able to reach the screws at all. Therefore they often suffer from back complaints: Roughly 51 percent of all electricians need to undergo treatment at least once during their professional life due to back pain.

The solution: Electrical screw-driving support

With the right screwdriver working in positions that are unfriendly for the back can be significantly reduced. In addition to this, continuous screw-driving becomes noticeably easier.

An example: Some electricians change up to eight electricity meters per day. With modern meters, also known as Smart Meters, this involves roughly 28 screws per change – with older models even double that amount. So in total this makes 200 screws that need to be changed every day. With a conventional screwdriver one thereby easily arrives at more than 1000 rotation movements daily. This is torture for the elbow and back – which can now be avoided.

However, a normal cordless screwdriver does not help here, because to avoid over winding the last turns need to be performed carefully by hand. The solution: Clever screwdrivers. They not only fit well in the hand, but they also offer an electric driving support.

Small details for more health during work

Externally such modern tools are similar to a very normal screwdriver. The grips are sufficiently long and the surface is made of a non-slip material so that one does not slip off so easily. Inside the grip there is, however, a lot of intelligent technology. It makes work easy and significantly reduces strain. With the result: greater health at the workplace.

Just like conventional screwdrivers these screwdrivers with electric screw-driving support must have a comfortable force rotation zone - because they are to be used in exactly the same way.

Depending on the requirement, however, the screw-driving support can be added through an intuitively operated switch. For these devices right-left rotation is equally a matter of course as the easily exchangeable bits for different screwing tasks – which by the way belong to the standard equipment and should be consistent with the common standards.

Especially important for electricians is that the bits should not only be insulated, but also VDE approved for up to 1,000 volts. Especially narrow bits are additionally helpful to reach into small openings if the screw heads are recessed.

A long-life lithium-ion battery ensures an ideal drive. It can be recharged distinctly faster than it is discharged. So continuous working is possible with only two rechargeable batteries and the screwdriver is ready for use the whole day.


  • The size and shape of the screwdriver must be consistent with the functional-anatomical characteristics of the inside of the hand and the hand size. It should lie in the whole hand and must not be too short as one would otherwise not be able to guide it securely.
  • Good screwdrivers with electrical driving support have an octagonal softened force rotation zone, which due to the somewhat softer material in this area are especially easy to use.
  • As standard equipment the screwdriver has bits (drives) of several types for different screw types, such as e.g. slotted, cross-headed or Torx screws. The bits must be manufactured of high-quality tool steel. For electrical works make sure there are narrow bits that are insulated and have VDE approval.
  • Two important tasks must be fulfilled:
    • On the one hand the manually switchable support facility for fast rotation
    • And on the other hand the manual tightening, respectively untightening of screws without electrical support.
  • It must be possible to use the switchable electrical screw-driving support single-handedly and comfortably. Thereby the intuitive right-left rotation function is a matter of course.
  • Especially important is the performance of the rechargeable battery, as sometimes the tool is used the whole day. The rechargeable battery should be designed accordingly. Alternatively a second rechargeable battery should be    available for replacement. Then the recharging time for the rechargeable batteries should, however, be shorter than the discharging time.

Minimum requirements

  • Comfortably shaped handgrip
  • Support through the grip adapted to the screw-driving task
  • Material distribution of the grip adapted to the screw-driving situation
  • Possibility for single-handed operation
  • Different bits made of high-quality materials (standard equipment)
  • Sufficient rechargeable battery performance for continuous working

Also appropriate

  • Dual roll-off protection
  • Lighting
  • Ratchet function (locking catch)
  • Torque function

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