The seat must fit

More than 40 percent of all German motorists spend more than one and a half hours in their cars every day. Professional groups such as taxi drivers, parcel delivery staff, professional drivers or field staff even spend most of the day sitting in their cars - and many of them are regularly affected by tension and back pain. The reason for this is that the sitting posture when driving in unsuitable, less ergonomic car seats often causes strain. This not only affects back health, but also the ability to concentrate - at the expense of road safety. Doctors and therapists describe sitting in a car as the "worst form" of sitting. Because sitting in a car leaves the driver just a little or almost no room for changing his seating positions or even for sitting in motion, as it is the case with office chairs. And this often for hours on end. To avoid complaints, frequent drivers therefore absolutely need a back-friendly seat that meets numerous ergonomic requirements.

And such a seat is also useful for short-distance drivers. After all, incorrect sitting, poor postures and unaccustomed movements can cause discomfort for untrained people - just like unaccustomed sporting activity.

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