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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

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More effective meetings with High desk chair and high tables

Conferences and meetings are an integral part of everyday office routines. For them to be as effective as possible, areas where meetings are held should be furnished in a way that promotes work output and sustains attention levels. One condition for achieving this is to allow people to satisfy their natural urge to keep moving. No problem with the right furnishings!

Scientifically proven: flexibility boosts productivity

Meetings held with people standing up are more efficient and healthier with far greater motivation rates, as has long been proven by occupational health studies. A standing/sitting workplace is known to boost motivation and creativity, as the brain works up to 20% faster when standing.

Those keen to make the most of these positive effects should provide their staff with corresponding furniture, including height-adjustable conference desks, for example. Another good alternative consists in conference desks with a constant standing height (high desks) - but only in combination with adjustable high desk chairs.

High Desk Chair

Fully variable, intuitive sitting height adjustment that encourages the user to alternative between standing and sitting is a basic prerequisite for a back-friendly Counter chair (high desk chair). Everyone at the meeting can then decide spontaneously whether they would rather stand or sit.

Back-friendly high desk chairs also have a comfortable foot ring that can be adjusted in height. It must be possible to support or rest the feet comfortably on the foot ring which therefore has to be robust enough. It should also be quick and easy to adjust the foot ring.

Adjustability is crucial

High desk chairs are only used for a limited time and usually by different people. The seat and back rest therefore have to be designed for an average body size.

These chairs are back-friendly when they have an ergonomically designed backrest, a seat tilting function and a spring-based cushioning effect. This prevents jolting of the spine when the user sits down. A tilting seat will tip the pelvis forward slightly as soon as the weight is shifted toward the desk, resulting in a natural position for the spinal column. Generally the chair should adapt to three-dimensional posture changes.

Non-slip covers for the seat and backrest are just as beneficial as permeable or breathable fabrics.

High table

If a high desk is not adjustable, then three factors are important.

  1. The correct height is about 105 to 110 centimetres.
  2. The high desk should have a comfortable foot rest that doesn't restrict the legroom. The foot rest should be about 20 centimetres above the floor.
  3. The size of the desk top depends on the particular requirements. As a general rule, there should be 70 centimetres of desk top length per person.

The high desk chair can be complemented by stand-up aids and activating standing seats. They can be used in many various ways and encourage people to alternate between standing and dynamic sitting. The chapter on conference workplaces provides more information on conference room furnishings.


Pay attention to the following points when choosing your high desk chair

  • The chair must have fully variable height adjustment so that people of different sizes can sit at the desk according to their individual needs.
  • A foot ring with adjustable height makes it easier to get on and off the high desk chair and also acts as comfortable foot rest for different sitting heights.
  • The backrest must be shaped ergonomically to adapt well to the spinal column, particularly in the lumbar region, without causing pressure sores.
  • The chair must have a cushioned seat to protect the spinal column from jolts when sitting down.
  • The seat and backrest must adapt to body movements and adjust smoothly. Active sitting when leaning forward must be supported in the same way as a passive rest position with slightly opened sitting angle.
  • High desk chairs with their high centre of gravity need in particular to be stable.
  • Adjusting them should be easy and intuitive, with the controls in easy reach.
  • Ideally, the seat and backrest should be covered with nonslip, breathable fabrics.

Minimum requirements

  • Fully variable height adjustment
  • Anatomically shaped seat
  • Spring-based seat cushioning
  • Seat that promotes movement
  • Height-adjustable foot ring
  • Non-slip seat surface
  • Breathable coverings

Pay attention to the following points when choosing conference desks that cannot be adjusted

  • The desk will be used by different people so that a desk height of about 105 to 110 centimetres is ideal.
  • The desk size depends on the number of people involved. The general rule of thumb is for the edge of the desk to be at least 70 centimetres long for each person.
  • Foot rests are a very good idea as they animate people to move even more and make standing much more pleasant with the possibility of changing the supporting leg.
  • All participants must be able to stand at the desk in a good position. Make sure there is plenty of legroom.
  • The desk should always be used in combination with a high desk chair.

Minimum requirements

  • Standing height approx. 105 - 110 cm
  • Different dimensions
  • Foot rest
  • Combination with a high desk chair

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