The AGR seal of approval
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The AGR seal of approval
More than just a sticker

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Trimming the grass without bending your back

Today, modern lawnmowers make it easy to tend even large gardens. But what about the grassy areas the lawnmower can't reach? That's what grass trimmers are for. They can cope with even inaccessible places so there is no longer any need to bend down or slide over the damp grass on your knees.

Telescopic handle and support wheels

Back-friendly grass trimmers have a telescopic handle which is adjustable in length to make it ideal for the user's height. There is therefore no longer any need to keep on having to bend forwards, which is so tiring and a strain for the back.

Support wheels that can be fitted if required offer additional relief.

Handles and weight

Adjustable, ergonomic, non-slip grips make it easier to work, while an additional handle offers more comfort. It is thus possible to avoid having to turn the upper part of the body, which can be a nuisance and is not good for the back.

Grass trimmers are lightweight tools that people of slight build can also operate even over a longer period of time. A machine with high-powered, light-weight battery is also pleasant.

Blade system and rotor head

There should be a bar to protect the plants by keeping the tool at a safe distance. And if the blade system then also produces an exact, energy-efficient cut, all in all this turns trimming the grass into a pleasant stroll.

It should be possible to turn the rotor head for vertical edge restriction. This makes it easy to get to even inaccessible points.

A practical spare blade holder on the device rounds off the back-friendly set.


Minimum requirements

  • Adjustable to people of different heights to permit fatigue-free working in upright posture without placing any great leverage strain on the shoulder girdle
  • Physiological handling must be warranted, e.g.
    • ergonomic shape and adjustability of the grips
    • the grass trimmer should be well balanced
    • easily operated switches
    • option of easily fitting support wheels
    • low weight (maximum of 3.5 kg)
    • central rotor head adjustment (for vertical edging)
  • All controls must be easily accessible and simple to use.

Also appropriate

  • Support wheels

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    Trimming the grass without bending your back

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