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Back-friendly sport

The muscles need to be strengthened regularly to ensure that your back can cope with its daily challenges. "Strong muscles help the spinal column to fulfil its supportive functions and prevent backache. Sport plays an important role here. Many sports also foster mobility and coordination, thus enhancing the interaction of all the components that keep a back fit and healthy", is the advice given by Petra Regelin from Deutschen Turner Bund (German Gymnastics Association).

Regina Regelin

But there are no scientific findings to indicate which sport is the best for backache. While back problems frequently occur in some disciplines at competition level, it is not true to say that on an amateur level these particular kinds of sport would not be suitable for people with backache. It all depends on how it's done. In the right quantity, with an appropriate warm-up and good technique, almost all sports will have a positive effect. As well as building up the muscles, sport also helps to deal with depression, sleeping disorders and the feeling of isolation that frequently accompany chronic backache. But the sport has to be pursued regularly to have any real success.

"When choosing a suitable sport, it is less about whether it is generally considered "back-friendly". It is much more important that the chosen sport suits you. It must be fun and fit into your own daily routine," recommends Regelin. If you are unsure about the health requirements at the beginning of your sporting activity, you should seek advice from a doctor or physiotherapist.